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2nd Question & Answer Meeting

2nd Question & Answer Meeting

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Public Question & Answer 2 Bombay (Mumbai), India
February 7, 1985

Q1: You often tell us to exercise our brain. Also you suggest to merely listen without acting upon what we have listened to. These two statements appear contradictory. Kindly explain.

Q: What is truth and the false?

Q2: Since you say that there is no such thing as God and you also condemn idol worship, then the question of how we are born and how nature came into existence comes into the picture. Kindly explain.

Q3: What is the mind? Is it ever possible for it to look at itself without the perceiver? It doesn’t seem to be so simple as looking at a flower from no centre.

Q4: For the understanding of human problems such as fear, loneliness and sorrow, your statement ‘The observer is the observed’ seems to be all important. However, the logic of that statement doesn’t seem to go beyond the intellectual level. Why is it that certain facts remain mere concepts?

Note: a total of 8 minutes and 13 seconds of missing video is replaced by audio only.