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I realize that love cannot exist when there is jealousy; love cannot exist when there is attachment. Now, is it possible for me to be free of jealousy
I WOULD LIKE to talk about the whole problem of existence. Probably you know as well as the speaker what is actually taking place in the world –
ONE HAS TO be serious, for only those who are vitally serious can live a life that is complete and whole. And that seriousness does not exclude joy, e
WHAT SHALL WE discuss this morning? The word ‘discussion’ is not right, it is more a dialogue. Opinions will lead us nowhere and indulging
WHAT IS MEDITATION? Before we go into that really quite complex and intricate problem we ought to be very clear as to what it is that we are after. We
THERE ARE SO many frightening things happening in the world; there is so much confusion, violence and brutality. What can one do, as a human being, in
THERE ARE SEVERAL things we should talk about, such as education, the significance of dreams, and whether it is at all possible, living in a world tha
SHALL WE TALK about meditation? Talking about something and doing it are quite different things. If we are going to go into this complex problem, we n
IF YOU ARE at all serious, the question whether it is possible to uncondition the mind, must be one of the most fundamental. One observes that man, in
ONE OF THE most important problems to solve is that of bringing about a complete unity, something beyond the fragmentary self-centred concern with the