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When the observer is the observed, there is only the observed, not the observer. When there is division as the observer and the observed, there is con
The analyser is the analysed. The observer is the observed. When you analyse, you are biting your tail. What is to be done with envy? Is envy differen
Love only comes when there is no observer. When the mind is not divided in itself as the one observing and the thing observed, there is that quality o
Have you observed your wife or husband, a tree or the movement of water, with all your senses, with the totality of your senses, all your senses heigh
The past is the observer. The past is the accumulated knowledge as the ‘me’ and the ‘we’, ‘they’ and ‘us&rsq
When you give your complete attention to look, is there an observer? The observer comes into being only when there is inattention, which is distractio
The more the tension between the observer and the fact of fear, the greater the effort and the desire to escape, run away or cover up. If one cannot r
To look, you need great energy. That energy comes only when there is awareness in which there is no conflict of any kind, just observation. There will
Meditation is bringing about order in life and thereby gathering great energy, and ending the conflict between the observer and the observed, adding f
It is immensely important that life not be wasted, no waste of energy. Wastage of energy takes place when there is a conflict between the observer and

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