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Are we aware of the many fragments of which we are? Why should I suffer, have pain or fear because of what I see in myself? Having built walls of resistance, must I go to som
Who is the observer who decides what to do, think and become? He is one fragment amongst many. What is the action that is total? Can thought bring about total observation? Has
Is there a way of living of great delight, where action is complete, without the exhausting process of pleasure? Without formulas and concepts, can the mind see the whole of e
Is divisive and destructive conditioning creating havoc in the world? How is deep conditioning to be revealed? How is one to go beyond all conditioning? Is the observer diff
How does one go beyond the petty, shoddy little self? Can the mind see so that the very seeing is the doing? Usually there is an idea and then action follows. Where there is
Q: What is the difference between analysis and examination of one's immediate reactions? Q: I am full of fears, deep-rooted uncertainties - how am I to be completely free of
Q: Is there such a thing as decision? Does choice exist when I see something very clearly? How do I end a habit without resistance, without saying, 'I must not, I must control
A new human being who will create a new society. What are we responsible towards? How will you create a good mind? Receiving students at the school. Care, respect and trust. F
How will we bring about harmony not dependent on environment or reward and punishment? Order. Behaviourists. Action and intelligence. What is the intelligent mind's relationsh
Can man ever be free, not only of the superficial conditioning of a particular culture, but also of the much deeper conditioning, of which most of us are unconscious? The dema