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Religion. Death. What is meditation? Q: Yoga - Gurus - Zen Buddhism - Comparison.
Is breaking away from disorder more frightening than to live in it? Pleasure is one of the major factors of disorder. Why do we pursue pleasure? What is the nature and struc
What makes the brain gradually deteriorate, disintegrate? Are our ideas a deteriorating factor? What is an idea? Can you look at a fact without any bias, direction or motive?
Not being deeply creative we escape from the fact of deep frustration. Is there insight only when the mind is free of belief? Insight without conclusion is creative action. W
Changes to exams at Brockwood. What is the deep intention of Brockwood? What do we want this place to be? How do we choose who comes to the school?
What has man made of himself? What has his mind become? What are you making of yourself, apart from jobs, money and position? Inwardly, what are you? What is progress? Is th
Is there an action that is whole and complete at the personal and social level? Does thought, having created the 'me' make it into a fragment? Can thought realize its limitat
No book can teach you about yourself, no psychologist, none of the professors or philosophers. What they can teach you is what they think you are or what they think you should
When am I conscious of myself? Is it possible for a human being to live without any contradiction or resistance? Is there a consciousness, a state, beyond the conscious? How d
The space between the observer and the observed. Action according to knowledge becomes inaction. Looking at something as a whole. Is there an action without the past? Seeing t