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Q1: What is beauty? Why do we like things that are beautiful? Q2: Is perception of the actual possible without the intervention of thought? Q3: How can one live with a husban
To learn is like a river moving, renewing itself all the time. Can we observe what is happening in the world? What is the cause of wars? Our consciousness, which is what you f
Why is there conflict in our life? Is it possible to live a daily life so that there is no division between the past, the future and the present? Is it possible not to recor
Is it possible in this crazy world to live a life in which every kind of problem and conflict doesn't exist? What is the art of living? Where there is division in us psycholog
What is freedom? The inward, authentic, deep sense of unshakeable freedom - not from something - what is that freedom? What is religion? It is the desire for comfort, for hel
How can one be aware of the wholeness of life if one is fragmented? I am a fragment and therefore am creating more fragments, more conflict, more confusion, more sorrow. Is th
Is there psychological security at all, a sense of well-founded, deep-rooted existence? When you hear that there is no security, is it an abstract idea or an actual fact? My s
Why do human beings live in such appalling misery, accepting it for millennia? Is it possible for a human being to change at the very root of his being? Who is going to tell m
Do human beings not radically transform themselves because they are really frightened not to belong to a group, to something definite? Are they afraid to stand completely alon
Is there such a thing as the unconscious? The process of fragmentation is a state of mind that divides, that says there is the unconscious and the conscious. Every human being