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Where there is sorrow there is no love

Where there is sorrow there is no love

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Where there is sorrow there is no love
Mai 15, 1982

Why is there no end to this terrible individualistic, competitive drive, which is destroying the world?

Is love desire?

Can all the things which are false end - pride, arrogance, attachment, desires, pleasures - which are obviously not love? Without love, the perfume, the passion, the depth of life is lost.

Every year there is killing, wars. How many millions have suffered, shed tears, felt the flame of loneliness, and yet we apparently do not use our intelligence to stop this cruelty, this bestiality of violence.

One must go into the question: who is it that suffers?

To know oneself deeply, previous remembrance and knowledge has no place. Each incident and each response must be observed as though for the first time.

What is our life?

Is it possible to live with death all the time?