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How does desire come into being and why does it play such an extraordinary part in one's life? Greed is a form of desire. Greed is encouraged by industrialists and advertisem
Fear of death. Escapes from being alone. Death and isolation. Thought creates fragmentation as the body, the psyche and death. Thought, wanting security, has isolated itself.
Q: What is fear? Are you afraid of something? What do you mean by fear? What is the feeling that you have when you are frightened? What is the motivation, what starts fear, th
Where there is dependency there is fear and the pain of that which you depend upon being taken away. Can the mind be totally free of the accumulated fears of society and cult
Seeing something very clearly and acting instantly is intelligence. Can we convey that to the student? Can you observe attachment without any rationalisation? There is no thi
How does it happen that the deep layers hidden in consciousness can be exposed? Comparison between what is and what has been and what will be is the process of fear. Can the m
What will change human beings, their quality, behaviour and deep-rooted selfishness - what will change each one? Goodness cannot exist as long as there is fear. What is our th
Though we have plenty of energy, apparently we lack the drive, enthusiasm, vitality to bring about a change in ourselves. As long as there is fear there must be violence, aggr
To inquire into love we must ask: what is energy? What is this energy, its origin, its source? How has it begun; who created it? Is there energy that is not contained within k
How can we bring about a human being who has understood activity in the technological field and also is very moral, ethical, aesthetic, with a sense of deep religious life? It