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What takes place when one falls in love? Why has sex taken on such extraordinary importance? How will you know that it is stupid to be a nationalist? You see or understand on
Why do we dream at all? Isn't dreaming at night a waste of energy, when the brain needs to be completely at rest? When do you actually learn? When I learn through Freud abo
Is freedom partial? Why should I be bound to destiny? Born in India with the tremendous cultural traditions, why should I be caught in it? Man is more important than the fram
Violence and sorrow are not limited to the West or the East; it is part of the human structure, psychologically. Is it possible to bring about a change radically, a total rev
The whole movement of living, which is relationship, is a movement in action. What is consciousness? When do you say, 'I am conscious, I am aware, I am attentive'? Is there a
When the mind is living through imagination and thought, it is incapable of living in the complete fullness of the present. Thought has created time, not chronological time b
When there is a process of recognition it is the projection of the past. The mind is always functioning within the field of time, which is of memory. Can the mind go beyond th
Conflict exists only when there are two opposing things: fear and non-fear, violence and non-violence. A mind that is in a state of inquiry is entirely different from a mind
When we say, 'I know,' what does that mean? What does 'knowledge' mean and what does 'self' mean? Who is the entity that is observing the conditioned state? Is the observer d
Why does a human being think about himself? 'Don't be committed to anything.' That's a challenge. If you listen to that challenge with silence then there is a change, even a