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A religious mind is a very factual mind

A religious mind is a very factual mind

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Public Talk 2 Amsterdam, Netherlands
September 20, 1981

Can we observe together what is living and what it means to die?

Is it possible while one is living, with all the turmoil, with that energy, capacity, to end attachment?

Why has religion played such a great part in our lives from the most ancient of times until today?

A religious mind is completely without disorder.

In meditation there is no system, no practice; but the clarity of perception of a mind that is free, that has no direction, no choice, and is free to observe.

Conflict exists only when there is division. Where there is nationalistic, economic or social division there must be conflict. Inwardly, where there is the division between the observer, the one who witnesses, the one who experiences, different from that which he experiences, there must be conflict.

A mind that is practising, struggling, wanting to be silent is never silent.