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1st Question & Answer Meeting

1st Question & Answer Meeting

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Public Question & Answer 1 Bombay (Mumbai), India
February 5, 1985

Q1: In spite of all my love, care and attention, I don’t know where I lack in bringing up my daughter. Can you throw some light on the best way of educating a child?

Q2: Why is it that we are not able to sustain attention for more than a couple of minutes?

Question: Is it possible to know yourself when you are not related to anybody?

Q3: Does suffering and enjoyment have any bearing on the previous life and deeds of present life?

Q4: Is it possible to be aware with all your senses – eyes, ears, brain and so on – simultaneously?

Q5: I don’t follow any doctrines and commandments of divine souls, so I fear they may do something wrong to me. I always feel uneasy and live in a fearing condition. Please guide and advise me.

Note: a total of 1 minute and 21 seconds of missing video is replaced by audio only.