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What Has Happened to Mankind?

2nd Public Talk, 29th August 1982

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ear is one of the causes of conflict. What is the cause, the root of fear? We are not talking about the branches of fear, or trimming the branches of fear but the very root of it, the tree that has many branches, many leaves, many flowers, we are not concerned with that, but the root of it. Is it this eternal seeking of 'I am living in isolation'? Which is living on the periphery. You have certain characteristics, certain culture, certain way, certain tradition, and you are satisfied with that - you are British - all right? We'll tolerate this? And in France we are French. Go to Spain it is the same. Go anywhere in the world, it is the same assertion. Outwardly and inwardly we are isolated - my desire, my fulfilment, my wanting - all the rest of it. So is that one of the causes of conflict, isolation? Obviously. Politically, as long as you remain British and the French, and all the rest of it, there will be no global relationship and therefore there will be no peace in the world at all. Right? Tell that to the politicians and they will say 'Buzz off'. (Laughter) And we elect these politicians!

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