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How can we bring about a good society?

5th Q&A meeting at Saanen, 1979

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Q: I am wanting to observe like a dog to the bone. Don't let us leave from that point. Thank you.

K: I won't leave that point. You are a student, I am a professor, I have a right to answer it. The question is in what manner do you put aside your particular way of thinking? But first you know your particular way of thinking. Right? Do you? Don't you know your particular way of thinking? That you are a follower of somebody, that you believe this, that you think this is right, this is wrong, and this should be, my experience tells me it is so. So are you aware of this fact? If you are aware, what does that awareness of the fact mean? When you are aware of the fact that you have your own particular opinion, and you are aware of it, what do we mean by being aware of your opinion? You understand? This is simple. Is that awareness a judgement awareness - you understand? You follow what I say? Is that awareness of your prejudice, an awareness in which you are judging your personal opinion, or just being aware of it? Not saying it is right, wrong, should be, must not be, just, 'Yes, I have prejudice, I know I have prejudice'. Right? That's all. Wait, wait. Are you in that position now? That you know you have prejudices. Right? Then why do you have these prejudices? Is it your family, your education, your desire for security in a belief, in a point of view. Right? You are following all this? You are going to have an examination at the end!