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Brockwood Park 1978 Public Dialogue 1

Are you aware of the structure of yourself?

Part 5 of 6


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This is the first of 2 public dialogues held in Brockwood Park in September of 1978

What is the need of a human mind, brain, to register anything at all?

Are you really serious to find out the necessity of registration and the inadequacy psychologically of any form of registration? If you say belief is a danger then why do you hold on to it?

When you are very clear, there is no need for choice. A mind that is confused chooses.

There is no relationship whatsoever between awareness and faith. Faith is not a fact, it is a belief.

You don’t want to climb the mountain, which is arduous, which demands that you carry little. This demands that you work, that you look.

Find out what actually takes place when the structure observed is the observer himself.

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