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Are Desire and Time Responsible for Fear?

5th Public Talk at Saanen, 1979

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So is it, we are asking, is it fear? Because you observe the multiplication of gurus all over the world guaranteeing security - 'Do this, follow this, practise this, and you will have something at the end of it'. That is, reward. The promise of a reward has a certain fascination and the hope you will find in that security. But when you examine it a little more closely and are not so gullible, not swallow the whole thing the other fellow says, then you find very clearly that the reward is the reaction of punishment, you understand? Because we are trained to the idea of reward and punishment. Right? This is obvious. So to escape from punishment, which means pain, grief and all that, we search for a reward and hope thereby in that to find some kind of security, some kind of peace, some kind of happiness. But when you go into it you don't find it. The gurus and the priests may promise it, but they are just words. Right?