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2nd Question and Answer meeting

Brockwood Park, 2nd September 1982

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So, 'what is' and 'what should be', so there is conflict. Now, 'what should be' is non-fact, it is not so; 'what is' is my violence. That is all. Not 'I should become non-violent'. Right? I wonder if we see this clearly. 'What is' is far more important than 'what should be', because 'what should be' will never take place, because 'I will be one day', and in the meantime I am sowing the seeds of violence all the time. So psychologically the opposite does not exist actually. It is an illusion that there is an opposite. Now if the mind, if our conditioning is to create the opposite, if we are free from that conditioning then we can look at 'what is'. Right? So let's look 'what is'.

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