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Talks and Dialogues Saanen 1967 (Ocurrences: 79)
First of all don't let us define what awareness is. Because if we do, each one of us will give it a different meaning, a different definition; but we shall find out what...
Urgency of Change, The (Ocurrences: 54)
So there is the superficial awareness of the tree, the bird, the door, and there is the response to that, which is thought, feeling, emotion. Now when we become aware of...
Tradition and Revolution (Ocurrences: 41)
Now what is awareness? Is there in awareness any choice, explanation, justification, or condemnation? Or is there the observer, the chooser? And if there is, is that awareness...
First and Last Freedom, The (Ocurrences: 34)
Awareness is entirely different. Awareness is observation without condemnation. Awareness brings understanding, because there is no condemnation or identification but silent...
Truth and Actuality (Ocurrences: 33)
So awareness implies, doesn't it, a total sensitivity - to colour, to nature, to all my reactions, how I respond to others - all that implies awareness, doesn't it? I am...
Sep 09th 1975
Can Humanity Change? (Ocurrences: 32)
K: I would say awareness in which there is no choice, just to be aware. The moment when choice enters into awareness there is no awareness.
Jun 28th 1979
BR71D2 (Ocurrences: 32)
Q: What is important in awareness. Is awareness a simple act of perception? And if awareness is there the whole pattern is revealed.
Sep 09th 1971
Truth and Actuality (Ocurrences: 31)
So awareness implies, doesn't it, a total sensitivity: to colour, to nature, to all my reactions, how I respond to others, all that is implied in awareness, isn't it? I am...
This Light in Oneself (Ocurrences: 29)
Questioner: The problem of awareness... awareness without a system. Is it possible to go into awareness...
Aug 01st 1976
SA74D4 (Ocurrences: 29)
So awareness has no choice. Awareness is an act of intelligence. Now move from there to the next thing, which is: what is the relationship of awareness to inattention, and...
Aug 03rd 1974
Wholeness of Life, The (Ocurrences: 27)
K: What is the concept of awareness, how does it arise, what is the necessity of awareness? Right, sir?
Sep 01st 1977
Awakening of Intelligence, The (Ocurrences: 26)
The questioner says: at your second talk - he remembers, I don't - at your second talk you said: there is an awareness when you are asleep as well as there is an awareness...
Aug 01st 1971
Awakening of Intelligence, The (Ocurrences: 24)
K: ...of itself. Now wait a minute, just look. Have you understood the question? You can be aware of the tree, of the hill, of you sitting there - there is an awareness of...
Aug 10th 1971
On Right Livelihood (Ocurrences: 20)
Questioner: Is extensional awareness the same as creative emptiness? Is not awareness passive and therefore not creative? Is not the process of self -awareness tedious and...
Mar 28th 1948
SA70DYP1 (Ocurrences: 20)
Now sir, just a minute. You see where we have landed ourselves. We are asking what is it to be aware. And with this quality of awareness, with this quality of attention,...
Jul 24th 1970
Reflections on the Self (Ocurrences: 19)
Awareness is not the result of practice for practice implies the formation of habit; habit is the denial of awareness. Awareness is of the moment and not a cumulative result...
May 05th 1946
Reflections on the Self (Ocurrences: 18)
There is understanding only when there is stillness, when there is silent observation, passive awareness. Then only, the problem yields its full significance. The awareness...
Dec 28th 1947
Exploration into Insight (Ocurrences: 18)
P: First of all, you should have the tools, the instruments with which this is possible. One has to have a state of awareness where this is possible. It is only when there...
SA73D5 (Ocurrences: 18)
K: So, sir, what does it mean to be aware? Who is it that is aware? Is awareness something different from the observer? We went into that the other day very carefully. The...
Aug 05th 1973
Krishnamurti's Talks Madras India 1947 (Verbatim Report) (Ocurrences: 17)
Freedom can be approached only negatively. Virtue lies in understanding, not in becoming virtuous. The process of becoming leads to confusion and misery, for virtue is in...
Nov 30th 1947