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Can we observe together what is living and what it means to die? Is it possible while one is living, with all the turmoil, with that energy, capacity, to end attachment? Why
What do you think love is? When one says, 'I love you,' what does it mean? What is the depth of it, the full significance of it? In attachment there is fear. Do you know th
To think together is only possible if we for the moment forget ourselves, our own problems, our own inclinations, our intellectual capacities. As human beings living in this
Religious life, beauty and meditation go together. They are not states to be compartmentalised and kept separate. What is meditation? Is it possible to have a brain that onl
Can one observe the structure and nature of the brain in oneself, rather than externally? Is it necessary to have a theory or model to see what is actually going on? Why do we
Does knowledge interfere with a religious life? The movement away from the fact does not bring about the understanding of the fact. When there is suffering, is that sufferin
Thought in itself being a fragment, whatever it does will bring about fragmentation. A religious mind is not fragmentary. When there is perception without the observer, there
If one is merely concerned with one's own particular salvation then that salvation is the furtherance of selfishness. Why is it that human beings, living in this marvellous wo
What is our relationship to another, actually not theoretically? If that relationship is corrupt, dishonest, exploiting, corruption comes into being in the world. There can b
Silent colour footage in Sri Lanka of Krishnamurti's arrival and departure. He arrived in December 1949 and departed January 1950. The footage shows Krishnamurti waiting, ali